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04:19pm 07/09/2003
  But the kittens don't meow.

Sometimes, they scream instead.
01:28am 02/09/2003
  A wedding? Oh please. Even a moron could come up with a better plot than that.

Oh but wait..

Apparently not~ <3
10:02am 12/07/2003
  Once upon a time, there was a princess.

Ah, but haven't we heard this story before~? Perhaps we have. Nonetheless, once upon a time, there was a princess.

And this dear princess became very, very bored. And she hit a quandry...

Who to play with first? ♥~
11:05pm 10/06/2003

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Intro Duck Shun.   
07:49pm 09/06/2003
  Hello, Gently Ladie like.

My, this is pink, is it not?

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